Abra River

Josephine Aries L. Dulay


Water samples taken from different sites along the length of the Abra River System were
analyzed in terms of physico-chemical characteristics – i.e. temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen,
total suspended solids, total dissolved solids, biochemical oxygen demand, and nitrates, lead,
mercury, chromium and cyanide concentrations. It was found out that except for temperature, all
parameter readings exceeded allowable limits or did not meet minimum required concentrations
set forth in DAO 34 for the river to be classified as Class AA, Class A, or Class B. This means
that the river is polluted and is no longer suited for domestic use as it originally was. Due to the
pollution, the river may no longer be able to fulfill its productive and life-sustaining functions, as
the river’s assimilation and self-purifying capacity is greatly impaired. The evidence gathered
suggests that much of the pollution in the river originate from the mining industry operations.

Keywords: Abra River, water quality monitoring, water pollution, river profiling

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