Soil Fertility Evaluation ...

Soil Fertility Evaluation of Intensively Cultivated
Soil properties affect different aspects of crop in agriculture. Factors that are essential in
effective crop production.

Soil physical properties play an important part in the growth of plants. Since the soil
serves as an anchorage for plant roots, it should possess the favorable physical conditions that
promote root growth. That will allow the roots to move easily with in the soil in search for
moisture and nutrients. It is necessary for a farmland to have a good soil tilth. A soil with a good
soil tilth has a condition with its ease of tillage and penetration for seed emergence and crop
root growth.

This condition is directly affected by soil texture, porosity, bulk density and water holding

On the other hand, chemical properties also dictate the fertility of a given land. Soil
nutrients except Nitrogen are inherent in the soil. However, due to continuous cropping and
cultivation and the natural nutrient depletion process, the natural soil fertility of the farmlands are
dramatically declining.

The destruction of soil physical properties and depletion of chemical properties, together,
has caused the imbalance of the natural soil system resulting in the decrease of produce from
the farmlands and favoring the prevalence of pest and diseases.
In Benguet, the continuous cropping has done so much great degradation in the soil.
One major cause is the massive application of NH4
+-containing fertilizers resulting to the rapid
acidification of the soil, aggravated by some improper farming practice of the farmers

It is the goal of this study to evaluate the current soil fertility status of the different
farmlands in the project sites. The results from the study will allow the researchers to correlate
the distribution of pesticide residues that are threats for human and animal health, in the
farmlands as affected by some physical and chemical properties of the soil.
Specifically, the study aims to have a soil fertility map as a final output and a general
recommendation on proper soil management in the area covered by the proposed study.
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